# CloudEMDR History

CloudEMDR was founded by Samuel Beek in 2010. It initially started as an application called "EMDR Eye Catcher". It allowed therapists to conduct therapy on a screen in their practice.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 crisis, the team realized that we needed to make something new that would enable people to do EMDR therapy from home or where-ever they are. This is where the current version of CloudEMDR has originated from.

From the beginning a few things were very important:

  • Privacy: Because CloudEMDR is being used in a very private matter, the tool had to be extremely secure and private.
  • Easy of use: CloudEMDR has users in all age groups all around the world. The product has to be easy to understand so that anyone can use it. This is why our interface is very simple and has clear big buttons. It's also why we have published a lot of information about the tool, so anyone can learn it.
  • Flexibility: Therapy is a very personal thing, which means everyone has different needs. We've designed CloudEMDR in a way that it's very customizable. No therapy is the same.

Currently CloudEMDR is operated out of Amsterdam.