# What do I get with CloudEMDR Pro?

With our basic version, you can do a video call with Cloud EMDR by sharing your screen. This is nice, but has a few downsides: the animation isn't always smooth for the client and they can get distracted by seeing the controls.

With CloudEMDR pro, you can do Remote Sessions: You send the client a link that they can go to and then you can control everything they see. This way the animations and sound will be of the best quality and the client won't be distracted by your controls. This is what that looks like for the therapist:


The client will only see the dot moving, no controls, nothing.

On top of that, Pro members get 5 sound options, 4 dot animation types and 24/7 premium support. Pro also helps to support the development of CloudEMDR.

# How do I subscribe to Pro?

Subscribe to CloudEMDR Pro

# Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, any time.

# Do you offer discounts if I want CloudEMDR Pro for more than 1 therapist?

Yes, we offer discounts. Please contact us.

# Is CloudEMDR Pro offering anything besides remote sessions?

Yes, Pro members get 5 sound options, 4 dot animation options and 24/7 premium support.

# Is CloudEMDR Pro valuable if I don't use remote sessions?

Yes, if you purchase pro you get more animations and sounds, which is great for a share-screen session as well. Besides that, you support to development and team that makes CloudEMDR.